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Recycle A Mac

Welcome to our Recycle A Mac Web Portal provided by Seattle Laptop and Seattle Recycling. We created this simple website to help customers in Seattle who are looking for a place to responisbly recycle any Macs they don't need. Recycle A Mac is operated by Seattle Laptop Inc. Our company is committed to finding as many ways as possible to repair for re-use every single recycled laptop, or desktop, and their parts. We focus on Mac re-use and do all we can to give the item we bring in for recycling a second life. We accept Macs and Macbooks, working or not, and we recycle them for free and we guarantee all data will be wiped.



Every single Laptop, Macbook, or Mac computer that Seattle Laptop successfuly refurbishes is one less computer, laptop, or phone that may end up in a landfill, or worse a burn pile.

Please help us dispose of e-waste by recycling all your unneeded Macs, Macbooks, and other Apple products responsibly. We also take in all other laptops, desktop computers, macbooks, and electronics*. Please call us for more details, or just bring in your unneeded e-waste.

*At this time we are not taking in televisions, but will be in the near future.


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